6 Book Signing Tips to Sell More Books

by Nikki Woods on Thursday, September 22, 2016

6 Book Signing Tips to Sell More BooksHow many times have you stood in line for an autographed copy imagining the day when you would be signing your own books. The question is, when the time comes, will you be ready? Prepping for a book signing encompasses much more than having an ample supply of black Sharpies. Here are some tips:

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1. Craft your own announcement.

In advertising your book signing event, craft your own attention-grabbing message(s) for bookstores you’ve partnered with. Imagine shopping at your favorite supermarket and listening to a discount announcement or weekend sale on certain items. Craft your own book promotion message(s) for book stores to broadcast on their intercoms at specific intervals.

2. Design an attractive bookmark.

Spotlight your book by designing an attractive bookmark to raise the curiosity of patrons. Some people may visit the bookstore your book signing event is being held to purchase stationery supplies they need or to look for a new book for their reading pleasure. Handing them an eye-catching bookmark upon entry (along with hearing your intercom promotion announcement) will pique their interest and heighten their curiosity.

3. Design mini-flyers.

Spread the word about your book by designing mini-flyers for local and regional distribution. Give readers a taste of your book by including its cover image, a brief description of your story, as well as a brief author bio. Be sure to provide all the details of where they can meet you and purchase their copy (name, address, and telephone number of your partnered bookstore).

4. Be visible.

Instead of ‘setting up shop’ at your assigned spot by bookstores, make yourself visible to patrons. Go out, mingle with shoppers, and strike up a conversation. Don’t wait for them to come to you. Instead be proactive and meet customers where they are in the bookstore with your book in hand.

5. Request a media contact list.

Some bookstore owners have a media contact list they regularly refer to for promoting upcoming activities or events. Request a copy of this list to help in your book signing promotion outreach efforts. Getting local and regional media (radio, TV, and internet news hubs) to spread the word about your event and book will expand your audience reach, which in turn will result in more people showing up to meet you and purchase their copy.

6. Extend your gratitude.

Thank bookstore owners for hosting your event. Never forget to extend your gratitude for their efforts and organized activities in accommodating you. Sending a ‘thank you’ note or token of your appreciation will go a long way in building and maintaining a great business relationship. Additionally, be sure to thank readers for attending your book signing and purchasing your book via your website or social media platforms.

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A well-planned out book signing sets up you and your brand for long-term success!

Keep Writing!

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