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Monthly Archives: August 2013

5 Ways To Get MORE ReTweets! {VIDEO}

by Nikki Woods on Tuesday, August 27, 2013

If you’re using Twitter to promote your business, product or service, getting  Retweeted is a great marketing tool.  And if you aren’t making efforts to increase your Retweet-ability, you’re missing out on an excellent networking opportunity.   But you don’t have to miss out any more because…here are my 5 quick ways for you  to get more Retweets.

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10 Tips To Better Email Etiquette

by Nikki Woods on Saturday, August 24, 2013


The letter above is a perfect example of poor email etiquette. It’s loaded with mispelled words, unacceptable abbreviations, capital letters, and poorly structured sentences.

Believe it or not, there are actually email etiquette rules and ignoring them could negatively impact your ability to communicate your message as well as your business dealings.

Imagine how many perfectly good ideas, presentations, proposals, and pitches there are that never get read because the introductory email was such a turn off to the [...]

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3 Reasons To Charge For Your Content

by Nikki Woods on Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Even kids who enjoy things like making lemonade or walking dogs for free get a real thrill when they realize people are willing to pay for their products or services.  Few get rich, but there are a lot of things besides wealth that cause people to appreciate getting paid, even a small amount for a gig.

If you’re a writer I can guarantee that people are willing to pay for your content and you should be willing to charge them.  Why?  [...]

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A Twitter Guide For Newbies

by Nikki Woods on Monday, August 19, 2013

Have you ever enrolled in a new course and felt like everyone else in the class was one step ahead of you?  Of course you were leery about letting the instructor know you weren’t up to speed. Instead you pretended you were on top of everything she was saying. How relieved were you when another student asked the same question you were too shy to ask?

As your Global Visibility Expert, I recognize that starting with the basics can be helpful [...]

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{VIDEO} Blogging Mistakes You Should AVOID!

by Nikki Woods on Thursday, August 15, 2013

If you’re like me, most days you’re juggling two and three projects at time.  But it’s still important to make time to find new ways to improve the way we market our products and services as we strive to get a large audience.  And the simpler and concise the info is, the better.   So, if your blog isn’t performing as well as it should there could be an easy fix.  Here are 5 quick blogging mistakes you should avoid!

Click here [...]

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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Blog – Yes, You Too!

by Nikki Woods on Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back in the late 1980s, a German producer found two male models and marketed them as singers.  After three hits in a row and a Grammy win, it was revealed that the duo didn’t sing at all and, you guessed it Milli Vanilli was stripped of its Grammy.  I’m still dealing with the trauma.

My point is that there’s never a shortage of bad ideas, and parading around two non-singers as recording artists was obviously a major glitch. Thank goodness there [...]

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Five Ways To Get More Retweets – QUICKLY!

by Nikki Woods on Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Once upon a time there was a Tweeter who never got a retweet.  She waited and waited for a notification that at least one of her followers had retweeted her but she was always disappointed.  One day she met a kind stranger who brought her a golden apple, a potion, a prince and a wand.  She ate the apple, drank the potion, kissed the prince and waved the wand. Still nothing.

The moral of the story is: if you want more retweets you [...]

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{Webinar Series} The 10 Minute Break Down with Nikki Woods

by Nikki Woods on Friday, August 9, 2013


If your goal is to always to be on the cutting edge of social media trends or even just to make sure you’re doing the basics needed to get you prepped and ready for success, I’m offering a series of brand new webinars! The 10 Minute Break Down with Nikki Woods is 10 minutes of tips that will take your Global Visibility to another level and help you get you seen by more people than you [...]

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Who is Nikki Woods?

Multi-media personality, Social Media and Personal Branding Coach, Motivational Speaker and Voice-over artist, NIKKI WOODS is the senior producer of the Tom Joyner Morning Show, the most successful syndicated urban radio show in history reaching more than 8 million people on a daily basis. She sits down with talk show host, Aprille Franks-Hunt to discuss her demanding career, motherhood & success!

““I completely trust her judgment and know that she brings her A game every day. You can [...]

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Would You Hire YOU?

by Nikki Woods on Thursday, August 8, 2013

If you’re a fan of R&B Divas L.A., you may have seen the episode that featured the ladies marrying themselves in a ceremony.  They each had to take a deep look at the women they had become and decide if they were really worthy of self-love.  The “Will I Marry Me,” exercise asked some thought-provoking questions that got me to thinking about how they could apply to other areas of our lives.

Like on your job. Or in your business.

We do [...]

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