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Monthly Archives: May 2013

He’s the new thing right now.

His name is Trinidad James and he hails from Atlanta. He’s only been rapping for a couple of years and already has a song in the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

He burst on to the scene with the single, “All Gold Everything” in which he raps,  “Popped a molly, I’m Sweating (whoo!)” and then proceeds to repeat himself over and over again.

For those who don’t know, Molly, ecstasy’s hipper cousin, has been [...]

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Kelly was Jealous of Beyoncé: Anybody Mad?

by Nikki Woods on Friday, May 24, 2013

Last week, singer Kelly Rowland made headlines with a confession that she was, at one time jealous of Beyonce. Actually, it wasn’t a true admission but a sentiment implied through the lyrics of her new single, “Dirty Laundry.”

“She was up, I was down
No lie, I feel good for her but what do I do now?
Forget the records, off the record
I was goin’ through some bulls**t
Post-Survivor, she on fire, who wanna hear my bulls**t?”

Now, let’s not be not be naive about [...]

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The Cleveland hostage situation has sparked a lot of conversation about who’s actually living next door … and what you know about them.

When I was growing up, we knew every single person that lived on Hinsdale Court and we were very involved in each other’s lives. In fact, more often than not my neighbors knew more about what was going on in my life than I did … in a good way.  I was raised in [...]

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A Love Letter to My Sons

by Nikki Woods on Thursday, May 9, 2013

When my son turned 11 a few months ago, I decided to write him a love letter.  It seemed to be a pivotal time for him. He was going through some growing pains and his self-confidence and self-worth seemed a bit shaky. I wanted to have a written record of my commitment to him and my unconditional love for him.  I also wanted him to know I am proud of him – not because of [...]

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When our kids are young, Mother’s Day shopping gets a little tricky. We either have to front them the money for our own gift or be prepared to LOVE whatever gift they make, find or buy with their own meager allowances.  If we’re good moms, we accept what they give us because it comes from the heart.

Does something change if they become, let’s say, Kobe Bryant rich?

People seem to think so.  In case you [...]

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The Top 7 Signs of Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

by Nikki Woods on Monday, May 6, 2013

Having trouble reaching all your goals? Are you going for what you want, but feeling like something is road-blocking the way? Are you finding yourself “not” doing some of the things you know you should be doing?

You may be a victim of sabotage—self-sabotage. How do you know, and what can you do about it? Read on and see.

1. Focusing on what is not working, not right or missing from your life:

Problem: Notice how often you speak about and think [...]

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