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Monthly Archives: May 2005

Independent. Determined. Fearless.

by Nikki Woods on Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Partner Potty Training

Has he gotten you trained yet?

That is the question my mother posed when I was finished relaying the latest incident in my youngest son’s potty training saga. She relishes each new tale with an evil sort of glee, nodding in remembered pain, the words, “pay back” perched deliciously on her lips. I can’t argue with her. If there was ever reincarnation from mother to child – it’s me and my baby. Of course I [...]

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Me and Spongebob

As part of my job as a radio personality, I am required to make certain personal appearances including grand openings like the one I did last week at a Chicagoland Lowe’s store. I used to love doing these “stops” as we call them in the radio biz (they bring in extra cash and you get to meet your listeners – both very important) and used to schedule four or five a weekend. But that was BEFORE. [...]

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